About Us

The Biotek Marine brand was launched in 2015 by Scott Groseclose founder and owner of Aquarium Specialty, Aqua Specialty (wholesale) AquaNerd and host for the Southern Aquatic Experience (formally know as the Carolina Reef Experience).

The idea behind Biotek Marine was to develop and offer high quality products for aquarium industry. In 2016 we launched the brand by designing and manufacturing high end sumps and reactors for discerning aquarists that wanted the best build quality and styling available in the hobby. All of our acrylic manufactured products are designed and built here in the US. Later in 2016 we intorduced nylon filter socks and felt style filter socks. In the same year, Scott started working with Apogee instruments to develop a more affordable PAR sensor option for the aquatics market and in 2017 the Biotek Marine BTM-3000 PAR sensor was released to dealers and to the public.

Throughout the years Biotek released salinity refractometers, frag tools, frag mounts, colored PVC pipe and fittings and much more. Later in 2022 Biotek Marine began manufacturing high quality 3D printed products for the aquatics industry. Looking ahead Biotek Marine will strive to continue to introduce new products and designs to help our customers with their aquariums and aquatics needs.


Inclusivity and Diversity Statement

Biotek Marine is dedicated to its continuous support of all communities within our diverse industry. We welcome everyone to our business regardless of their race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, national origin, physical ability, or political affiliation. Aquarium Specialty stands against discrimination and strives to promote a safe and inclusive space for all members of the aquarium community.

Inclusion and diversity are vital for any organization, business, or industry to run successfully.

Diversity in our industry has enabled hobbyists, retailers, livestock suppliers, and product manufacturers alike to enjoy aquarium keeping, a passion which has brought individuals from different walks of life together.

Supporting an inclusive and diverse industry takes deliberate action by everyone. This support of inclusivity and diversity furthers our goals to encourage the ethical growth of the aquarium hobby, not only by promoting best practices within the trade but also by embracing the diversity of those who share a love for keeping marine & freshwater aquariums.



Scott Groseclose