Biotek Marine BioNori is the highest quality premium Nori available on the market.

Our seaweed is harvisted from waters that are tested to be free from pollutants, heavy metals and other contaminates. BioNori is one of the most nutrient rich seaweeds you can feed your herbivorous and omnovirious tank-mates. Seeweed or “Nori” is graded, packaged, and sold based on the grade it is given regarding palatability, texture, appearance and imperfections. The best nori is referred to as A grade or Gold and this is all we use in BioNori. Additionally BioNori doesn’t break down and float away quickly like some of the other brands. BioNori is vacuum sealed and packaged in a resealable USDA food grade pouch.

Each pouch includes 50 sheets of Nori – 1.76. oz (50 grams) and the sheets are a perfect size for magnetic and suction cup style Nori feeders.