IntelliGrow Magnetic Modular Frag Rack supporting multiple plug sizes.  Plugs Reef Coral Frag Holder for Aquarium with glass up to 5/8” modular and expandable.

– Fully modular.  Racks themselves are offered independently so you can upgrade the rack anytime by purchasing a different size

– Designed for acrylic and glass sumps with thickness up to 5/8” thick

– Compatible any frag plug where the stem measures from 3/8” (9.4 mm) 1/2 “ (12.7mm)

– Triple coating technology.  Highest grade, rare earth true N52 magnets, coated in multiple layers of resin and PETG

– Promotes optimum water flow around every plug and discourages corals from encrusting/growing on the rack itself.

Biotek Marine modular magnetic frag rack offers unique designs which are engineered to maximize nutrients exchange by providing water flow around virtually the entire plug.  In addition, the hole alignment maximizes the distribution of plugs on the rack.

Our unique design further helps with water flow but not becoming a flow deterrent or blocking the normal flow of water thus enabling coral growth patterns which are closer to corals grown in their natural habitats.

Design makes it very difficult to bump out of place.  Our magnets are made using the highest quality of raw materials available.  Powerful high grade N52 Neodymium Rare Earth magnets support glass thickness slightly over 5/8th inch (16.5mm).  Comprehensive magnet enclosure techniques supports worry free long term installation.


  • Three different sizes
  • Small kits support up to a whopping 10 frag plugs with a very small footprint
  • Medium kits support up to a up to 16 frag plugs with a very small footprint
  • Large kits support up to a whopping 21 frag plugs with a very small footprint
  • You can purchase additional racks to use with the same magnets.  Racks are replaceable

What is included:

Each kit one rack, one wet magnet component as well as an external magnet component

Care Instructions:

Clean with a soft brush or sponge, soak in dilute vinegar or citric acid solution as needed for stubborn deposits.