Biotek Marine Copepod Hive Natural Shape (Medieval)

Get your copepods a place to feel safe and reproduce with our Biotek Marine copepod hives. Providing a safe place for copepods can be safe is imperative to their population’s health. Biotek’s Copepod hives provide the best solution where necessity can be delivered without sacrificing asterisks. Our pod hives can be added to your main display and be part of your display without the need to hide them.

Hives are available in several configurations and styles. The Medieval inspired pod hives are ideal solution. The Pod Hive even has a unique base that can easily be buried in the sand bed or weighed down with rock in your aquascaping to secure it in place. Each of our pods comes with multiple installation adapters. Each kit includes a riser, which allows you to elevate your hives as well as a multifunction foot. These feet come with extensions which can be left in place to anchor to rocks or broken off to facilitate installing the hive on your sand bed.

Biotek Marine breaks the mold when it comes to hive designs. We offer pods designed as rocks, castles — yes actual castles –, Medieval inspired hives with banners and emblems, etc.


• Each Medieval inspired hive is printed in three colors. Pods main body are printed in Black; banners are printed in Bright Red and the emblems are printed in Yellow. Emblems are raised giving them a 3D look and feel.Compact and more natural looking designs

• Each emblem is delicately designed paying attention to granular details.

• Bring art into your main display.

• Each pod has two banners (Front and Back banners).

• Our designs break the mold on what can be done. .

• Adaptable installation options.

We recommend that you allow at least 4 weeks for colonization. To disperse pods from their hive simply gently shake the hive until they begin to vacate the hive for a healthy snack for your fish to eat. Don’t forget to feed your copepods as well.


• Dims w/ Lollipop & Pedestal: 3 ” L x 2 3/4″ W x 2.0 tall” H (76mm x 68 mm x 49 tall mm).

• Dims w/ Lollipop: 3.3″ L x 3.4″ W x 2.95″ H (83.5mm x 86mm x 75mm).

What’s Included?

• 1x Pod Hive.

• 1x Pod Pedestal Spacer.

• 1x Sandbed / substrate lollipop plate.

• Instructions and maintenance guide.