Protect your valuable anemones from getting caught in your wave maker pumps with the BioTek Marine NemGuard.

BioTek Marine IntelliCovers – High-Flow Safety Covers for EcoTech® Marine VorTech® MP10, MP40, MP60.

The BioTek High-Flow Safety Cover replaces the stock wet-side cover for your VorTech® MP-series pump, providing safety for livestock without compromising pump performance or aesthetics.

Unlike other after-market covers, BioTek marine’s cover is engineered to maximize pump intake surface area, allowing unimpeded pump throughput. Doesn’t accumulate detritus like “sponge”-type covers and smooth surface reduces algae growth.

Precision-manufactured in the USA with American-made, reef-safe black plastic. Locks securely to the VorTech® wet side and removes easily for cleaning.

Care: clean with a soft brush or sponge, soak in dilute vinegar or citric acid solution as needed for stubborn deposits.


  • Versions available to fit EcoTech® Marine VorTech® MP10, MP40 and MP60
  • High-strength black reef-safe plastic
  • Locks securely to wet side, won’t fall off during use
  • Easy removal and cleaning


  • MP10 will be 43mm by 70mm
  • MP40 will be 69mm by 105mm
  • MP60 will be by 81mm by 125mm