Protect your valuable anemones from getting caught in your wave maker pumps with the Biotek Marine Gen 2 IntelliCovers.

Biotek Marine IntelliCovers – High-Flow Safety Covers for EcoTech® Marine VorTech® MP10, MP40, MP60.

What makes 1st generation IntelliCovers different from the Generation 2 model?

  • The Gen 2 model allows you to attach our new MP Random Flow Generator (displayed in the 2nd photo) or our directional water flow adapters.
  • The Gen 2 models accept the random flow generators  (RFG) and the Flow Adapter kits without the use of tools or additional fittings.

Replaces the stock wet-side cover for your VorTech® MP-series pump, providing safety for livestock without compromising pump performance or aesthetics.

Unlike other after-market covers, BioTek marine’s cover is engineered to maximize pump intake surface area, allowing unimpeded pump throughput. Doesn’t accumulate detritus like “sponge”-type covers and smooth surface reduces algae growth. The IntelliCover replaces the Ecotech Cover so it doesn’t restrict the flow like other competing products.

Precision-manufactured in the USA with American-made, reef-safe black plastics.  Our IntelliCovers lock to the wet-side the same way as the original VorTech® pump covers and not held in place by friction like many of our competitors.  Friction pump covers often come off by themselves and turn your pump into a non-discriminatory killer.  Not to mention that when covers come off, while the pump is running, it is likely to damage the pump impeller as well.

Our covers, while being excellent technically engineered, they are also aesthetically pleasing.  You will enjoy how they look in your tanks.



  • Versions available to fit EcoTech® Marine VorTech® MP10, MP40 and MP60
  • High-strength black aquarium-safe PETG plastic
  • Locks securely to wet side, won’t fall off during use
  • Easy removal and cleaning
  • Connects to our optional RGF and water flow director kits
  • Made in the USA



  • High-Flow Safety Cover
  • Instruction manual


Care: Clean with a soft brush or sponge, soak in dilute vinegar or citric acid solution as needed for stubborn deposits.