IntelliDose Base Stations are available as 2 models; 2.5 Amps and 5 Amps. The 2.5 Amp version powers up to 4 Versa dosing pumps and the 5 amp model powers up to 8 Versa dosing pumps with only one power supply required.

IntelliDose System for EcoTech Versa Pumps

The Ecotech Versa Dosing Pump VX-1 is one the most popular and highly rated dosing pump products on the market.

Biotek’s IntelliDose bases are ready to accept one versa pump right out of the box. Our system provides a unique way to “scale” and address your needs. Each master base can be configured to run one, two, three, four or eight Versa pumps and are configured with enough power to run all your pumps at maximum with power to spare. When each system is maximized, you will only be consuming 70% of the power capabilities. Directly translating to long lasting components.

Each system is equipped with a premium switching power supply. Switching power supplies regulate the power they produce versus what is being consumed. This capability allows the power supplies to run cool and efficiently. In addition, our power supplies are UL rated and meet the highest of standards.

Biotek’s IntelliDose wiring is done using high grade wires. Where possible, we solder connections ensuring solid connections that will not fail.

Our advantage:

• Significant savings. You don’t need to purchase a 4 pump base if you are not using 4 pumps. You can configure your systems for 1 to 8 pumps (8 pump systems require the purchase of premium base).

• Clean, compact design.

• Using add-on units, configure only the number of pumps you need without having to account for blank (unused head space) such as the traditional 4 head bases

• Space savers.

• Flexible configuration – a significant cost savings, particularly for those who have a configuration other than 4 pumps.

• Master on-off switch as well as addition to switch for each pump individually.

• LED power indicator for each pump.


IntelliDose Base Station – Standard

• Single power connection which powers up to 4 Versa™ pumps.

• Uses only 70% of its available power when 4 pumps are connected.


IntelliDose Base Station – Premium

• Single power connection which powers up to 8 Versa™ pumps.

• Uses only 70% of its available power when 4 pumps are connected.

• While you can run less than 4 pumps with the premium base, we recommend that you purchase the standard version if you are not likely to add more than 4 pumps.


IntelliDose – Add-On Unit

• Units connect to either the premium or the standard base.

• Connecting multiple modules is very simple. Uses premium barrel connectors. You can’t make a mistake.



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